How realistic are photos of original paintings?

We put a lot of effort in reproducing the paintings in excellent quality and high resolution. The biggest problem is finding the right color with the correct brightness. Due to different viewing media (TV’s, different LED or LCD screens, cellphone screens etc.) the printed reproduction or website can look quite different from the original. It is nearly impossible to exactly reproduce the original.  Well, otherwise there might  only be virtual galleries left. To be 100% sure it is best to have a look at the original before a purchase.

Where can I see the original?

Drop an email and let us know the paintings you are interested in. We let you know if there is an upcoming exhibition or if and when we can arrange a private showing. Most paintings are in Vero Beach, FL – make sure to contact us when you are in the area!

How do I buy a painting?

Send a price-request with the ID-Number and Title of the painting. If you’d like to reserve the painting with a partial payment, we can arrange for that. For shipping we need your address and phone number. If shipping is required let us know your  preferred carrier (UPS, FedEx or USPS) and if you would like to insure the painting. We then let you know the total amount (including shipping and insurance) and arrange for the payment. After that you get the final confirmation of the purchase and we email the tracking information.

How much is shipping?

We can ship via UPS, FedEx and USPS. The price for insurance varies with the carrier and the value of the painting. For international shipping the buyer is responsible for custom and possible foreign taxes. Shipping and insurance are charged at cost and there is no handling fee. Please email for an estimate and let us know you preferred carrier, destination and the picture (ID-Number and title) to be shipped.