The Jake Terrace raffle is officially over!!! Thank you all for your support, love and donations. Jake Terrace you are not alone on this crazy journey! We love you!
Congratulations to RICHARD BLOOMQUIST for winning this amazing artwork!
Thank you Tori Rossi that you put a great time and effort into making this event a big success.

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After recently hearing about Jake Terrace, I found myself deeply connected to his story.  As a former critical care nurse working in Berlin, Germany I was responsible for ensuring that critically ill patients and their families received optimal care. Now, as a full time artist I can help in another way – with colors. I am so pleased to donate my original art piece ‘Art Deco Palm’ to one lucky winner.

The total amount raised will go to Team Jake Terrace Cancer Fund. Thank you for buying a ticket and helping Jake! I appreciate it very much indeed.

If you are interested in any other art work on my website I will give a 30% donation of the pre-tax sales price to Jake’s Cancer Fund to help with his medical bills. This offer is good through the entire month of May 2016. My best wishes for a successful surgery and recovery.

10198 Art Deco Palm-2

Art Deco Palm

  • Oil on stretched canvas
  • gallery wrapped canvas, 1 1/2 inch, all surfaces painted
  • 24 x 30 inch
  • 60.9 x 76.2 cm

Please note that colors will vary slightly due to calibration differences in monitors.

How to buy a ticket

Annette Winkler and Tori Rossi

Annette Winkler and Tori Rossi

My dear friend Tori Rossi will be in charge of the fundraiser! Thank you so much!

The price of one Ticket is 10$

To buy tickets please click on



Fundraiser starts on May 11 and will run through June 11


Jake’s Story

jake 1

Growing up in a small beach town, 24-year-old Jacob Terrace is no stranger to the sun. Like most Florida kids he has had his fair share of sunny beach days that turned in to sunburnt nights. 16 months ago one of those sunburns caused a small (pre-existing) mole on his right shoulder to bleed. In less than one year that one small mole has now become Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma Brain and Lung Cancer.

In 2015 Jake’s small mole was removed, along with a golf ball sized amount of infected tissue, and it was diagnosed as Stage 2C Melanoma. After the removal of the skin cancer and the skin graph to cover the incision, Jake quickly healed and follow up scans showed the cancer had been isolated.

But on March 14, 2016 the nightmare of that one small mole resurfaced in the worst way possible. Jake was told his Melanoma was back and it had now spread to both of his lungs and his brain. Less than one day after being told he now has Stage 4 cancer, Jake underwent surgery to remove a 2cm tumor from the right frontal lobe of his brain. The surgery was a success but radiation is required to assure that no cancer cells remain, and it will not be until after his doctors feel that his brain cancer has been controlled that they will even begin to treat the cancer in his lungs.

jake 2
This will be a long and hard fight for Jacob.

We are asking from those that know him, please donate what you can to help make this difficult time easier for the sweet, happy-go-lucky big kid we all love. Medical bills not covered by insurance, other healthcare associated costs as well as general living expenses will all need to be covered for our friend.

And for those that have not had the pleasure of meeting Jake, we ask that you find it in your heart to donate what you can as well. Jake’s life is just beginning. The carefree days of his youth have quickly ended and he is now facing a fight that most of us will hopefully never know. Please donate to help ease some of the stress from his battle.

Whether you know and love him, or know someone who loves him, or if you can simply relate to the sunny beach day loving kid that Jake represents, please share this campaign and help do what you can to not only help Jake in his fight but to also raise awareness to the severity of the lesser known dangers that skin cancer can cause.